Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thirteen Years

13 years of wedded bliss. 13 years of shared life. 13 years...summed up...

1 honeymoon to Hawaii
2 college graduations

4 rentals
2 professional jobs
1 colon removed

3 pregnancies
3 beautiful girls
3 dogs
2 mortgages
1 home sale
Celebration of 10 years of marriage in Costa Rica

I really did marry my best friend. And 13 years later, he's still my best friend! I'm thankful that God brought us together and thankful that He keeps us together.

Year one was quite eventful:

1. Brian was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis the month we were married.

2. Brian lives to tell (and does--again and again and again) about the inaugural "dinner" as husband and wife: Jen feeds Brian 3 grilled cheese sandwiches...without removing the paper between the cheese. It didn't make sense when Brian called his sandwiches, "chewy". Now, it all makes sense. For those of you wondering about event #1, don't even go there. :o)

3. A gooey, impressive apple pie explosion made our first Christmas together memorable and frightening. Yes, that's right--apple pie explosion.

4. Husband and wife attend college together at Boise State University. Jen pastes Brian with snowball in the parking lot, landing him flat on his face.

5. On their first anniversary, Jen sits atop her bike at the start of the 7 mile mountain bike race--her first--only to find out that she gets to ride 21 blissful miles. Shooting glares towards husband did nothing to reduce the miles.

The house we lived in our first year of marriage (a whopping 500-600 feet!):

We have several pictures like the ones below. It's way too fun to goose Brian while he lets his guard down during photos.

This photo makes me laugh because you can see from my "innocent" mischievous smile (the same smile pictured above) that I had planned to goose him. You can also see that he has blocked the goose with his hand. He's a quick learner, my husband.

Last week, I had to write a biography about myself. It's very difficult to write about yourself, agree? When I was stumped, Brian offered to write it for me. "Aw, how sweet!" I thought. Here is his bio of me, and perhaps sums up what married life has been like for him:

Jen Wieber, a former elementary school teacher. Became famous for helping out wounded forest creatures by setting bones and putting animals in splints. She would often be seen around town with her latest patient. People misunderstood her undying love for wounded furry creatures and finally chased her out of town. She took up residence in a shack in the forest and was known to the local people as “CHUPACABRE” which roughly translates into “Smoking hot crazy lady that lives in a forest shack and takes care of wounded animals”

Eventally Jen found someone to take pity on her situation. He married her as a charity case. In this marriage Jen had three beautiful little girls and occasionally her sanity would return for a visit. Jen currently lives in Boise and can often be seen talking to her mailbox. Both Jen and her parole officer are encouraged that she is again writing. Her psychiatrist has pointed out that since writing again it has been the least amount of psychotic episodes she has had in years.

And I think I should just end this post right here. :o)


Hilty Sprouts! said...

Sweet, eventful, challenging, hilarious! Sounds like our 17 years together! My sanity occasionally comes to visit as well!

Becky Avella said...

Hey! Jennifer always gets to the good posts and comments before I get a chance. (pout)

Since I'm only at 11 years of marital bliss, I'm thankful for the example of you veterans. LOL

I hope you had a happy anniversary. It was really fun to read your history. : )


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