Thursday, August 19, 2010

Colorado, Utah Roadtrip!

I'm suspecting these guys aren't the usual...

Our friend Casey (second from the left) decided to up and get married this Summer in Winter Park, CO. This was fortunate for us, as that meant we got to go on a little adventure.We hopped in the car for Reese's first road and camping trip.

Here Reese and I pose with the bride, Amy (second from right), and some friends from the past, the day after the wedding.

Casey's brother, Cody, kept the girls entertained while we got to visit with our friends. I wanted to take Cody home with us, but he already had other plans.

From this goodbye photo session, we hit the road. As it turned out, we made it to our campground on Brian's birthday. We celebrated with smores. Even with the scrumptious delights, the girls were begging to crawl into the tent at this point. This was good, as we planned to get up early to check out the Timpanogos Caves right outside of Provo, UT. It was well worth the extra time!

Finally...we made it to the top. The hike alone was worth the small price of admission! Beautiful, rolling hills, varied geology, amazing root systems, great was wonderful.

We entered into the chilly caves. In these pictures, you will also see helictites, which are like hollowed straws of rock. They are thought to be formed when water travels through the tube and then evaporates, leaving a small mineral deposit at the end.

Absolutely incredible!

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Misty said...

thank you so much for the comment on my blog! i don't swim anymore, but i kind of miss that whole swimming to forget the land thing! :)
and i have to say (from glancing at your profile) east of eden is one of my newly favorited books~ so good!!

colorado is my husband's most favorite place to be stateside. i'll go, too, one day!


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