Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Georgia Reese!

My fingers are stumbling as I write this--but it's true--my baby is one! How this happened is beyond me, as I distinctly remember just returning from the hospital with her!

Reese is pure delight. Focused and opinionated, but gentle and happy. She loves to sing and will belt out whenever anyone else does--especially worship music. Looking and touching the flowers in our garden is her favorite pastime. She says "lala" so often that we have been able to discern what she needs by how she says "lala". For instance, "Lala?" Means, "May I have that, please?" Lala!!! means, "I want what I want right now!" and "Wahhhhhh Lala!" means, "No, I do not want any more", or "Give it to me now!" Other words she says regularly are: Dada, Mama, sister, Ju-ju (Georgia), Chesser (Chester), Da (dog), and Da (donkey).

She is an absolute gift and we all enjoy her every day.

On her birthday morning, we woke her up to her very first pancake breakfast. She also got to open her first present. Here, Liv helps her:

Kata Golda is a talented artist and she makes the most beautiful stuffed friends. I have always wanted to try to make my own version, so I did for Reese's first birthday. Here Reese sees her new friend for the first time:

And this is classic--Here Brian shows Reese how to love her new friend:

Reese enjoys Music class at the library:

Reese's special day was made even more so by a surprise visit from our friends, The Drakes:

They came wielding cupcakes. Reese chose the chocolate one. This was the perfect practice for her party cupcake:

The next day we went to the park for an after-dinner dessert party in Reese's honor.

Here she is swinging before the guests arrive:

Waiting patiently. Lala?

For me? Lala!


I love the kids' faces here. Check out Alexander mimicking Reese's big bite:

Such sweet friends to feel her joy:

Here she is crying. Wahhhhhh! LALA! I grabbed her sippy cup of water thinking she might be thirsty. Nope. Maybe she wants to get down to play? Nope. Want some of Mom's dessert now that hers is demolished? Yep.

Present time!

Liv spent time with Grandma sewing this sweet little dress. She worked so hard to get it done for the party. She also is entering it into the fair this week. What a thoughtful big sister!

We are beyond blessed to have such dear friends to share this time in our life with. Here we are enjoying our time together:

Thank you God for our sweet daughter. Happy First Birthday Reesie-girl!


Hilty Sprouts! said...

What a blessing she is! I absolutely love your hand-made, vintagy style. Perfectly lovely!

Johnna said...

Beautiful BABY!


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