Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dry Creek

We got out of dodge the other day with our sister, Amy and brother-in-law, Chris. "Out of dodge" sounds like we traveled a long way to get some solitude, right? Actually, it was just miles from our homes, but it sure felt like we had gotten out of dodge. Originating from old West movies filmed in Dodge City when the bad guys were defeated, and used by youth gangs in the 60's and 70's, "Out of dodge" may not seem an appropriate phrase to use when describing a family outing. But we are an outlaw-type of family. Especially our brother-in-law, Chris.

But back to Dry Creek:

As I peruse through these pictures again, I am reminded of why I love Idaho so much. Consistent sunshine, trails and nature out back doors, beautiful dusky skys, shadowy hills, and the reliability of weather. When I lived in Washington, all activities could and probably would be cancelled due to rain. Not here, hardly ever!

Oh, and the doggies came along, too:



Who here can resist a whole field of dandelions?

Though I have grown weary of dandelions over the years (can you say nuisance?) I must admit, they hold a magical quality, especially with children present. These were just begging to be set free:

The girls took turns hiding with Amy and Chris, to scare the other pair. Here are the hiders:

While they hide, Liv and Chris come down the trail:

And these next shots capture Liv getting scared by the hiders. Chris was scared, too, but he was trying to act tough for the camera. His image is fragile, you know.

Here Brian pretends that he likes his sister, for the sake of archiving memories, of course:

Reese has a perma-grin every time we hike.

Our hike ended with shadowy hills,

And happy dogs.

Apparently, dry creek isn't completely dry, and the doggies got to lap at some water, thus, the happiness.

Enjoy some Idaho, this week!

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emily wierenga said...

i LOVE fields of dandelions. this is beautiful.


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