Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer School

The great thing about having a home school philosophy, is that your home is your matter the Season. Summer happens to be my favorite Season of school. We switch gears a more super-schedules, but 3 glorious months focused on read-alouds (right now it's Little House on the Prairie!), Reading Rewards Programs, Field Trips, weekly playgroup, Lots of art and crafty projects, nature walks, Music class at the library, and science fun. We do these things other times during the years, but we really bulk up on these things during the Summer.

Summer also means we get to hang out with our friends more often!

Kedrick and Victor stayed a whole day with us while their mom had her first chemo session. You can read about Stephanie's journey with breast cancer here. She is strong, courageous, and full of faith. Her honesty and perseverance really is a testimony to God's presence in her life. Please join me in continued pray for her and her sweet family.

Liv and Holland wanted to paint with their friends, so that is what we did:

Funny, it seemed that whenever one painter needed to wash their brush, so did the rest of them. :o)

We also made gak. You can find a super easy, foolproof recipe here, with an explanation of how gak is formed. We had so much fun!

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