Tuesday, July 20, 2010

O Happy Day

Today marks 35 years for me. And what beautiful years these have been. Wonderful parents, amazing friends, quirky little girls, and a loyal, fun husband. These years, though not without trial, have been so kind to me. I spent most of my day with my sweet little gals, mixed in with a playgroup trip to The MK Nature Center, breakfast in bed with unique touches such as marshmallows in my coffee, beautiful birthday cards, a dinner date with my man, and impromptu visits from dear friends.

Here I am with my sweet playgroup girls:

Since we were downtown already with our playgroup, my girls and I took the opportunity to visit downtown favorites:

And because W girls are always, ALWAYS silly, we took a picture in the bathroom:

My girls:

My day was topped off with dinner at our favorite--loyal customers for 15 years now--!

Reesie gets silly with Holland:

Me and 2/3 of my girls:

Our fam minus Liv (she's the photog! :o)

1 comment:

miranda said...

I love the evening photo of everyone (except the photog) Holland is such a photogenic girl! And Brian looks so peaceful and suave with his array of women! Where is your favorite restaurant? I've never heard of it!


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