Monday, June 28, 2010

The Main Street Mile 2

The girls, along with their Daddy, ran a mile for Men's health Friday night. Ever since Liv ran the race last year, both girls have been waiting very impatiently for June to roll around again. This was Holland's first time running a race and boy, I think she's hooked!

Here are some pre-race pictures:

Making sure the laces are double knotted...

Holland gets her "game-face" on:

More "game-faces"...Wieber-style:

Here we have fan pictures...
Youngest fan:

My brother was here to cheer the girls on:

So were Grandma Jan and our sweet friend, Alyce:

Nanette gives pre-race hugs:

We love this race. It's the perfect distance for youngsters: the children's race is only a half mile. And for a measley 10 bucks, the kids get a free shirt, a free kid's dinner at Spaghetti Factory, finish line ice cream, chocolate milk, and power bars, a chance to hang out in the closed off streets of downtown Boise,

and the feel-good of being a part of an athletic event which donates it's proceeds towards health. And, hey--where else can you watch 12 mascots duke it out down Main Street during a race of their own, dressed in a sweltering suit of fake hair and polyester in 100 degree heat?

Speaking of, which mascot do you think will come in first? The last 3 years, the mascot run has been won by the Cow. Let's see if this year is any different.

The kids take a seat to root on their favorite. Liv was thinking the Key Bank Key would win.

AANNNDD....their OFF!

And Bessie wins again!

Team huddle right before the race:

Did I mention that the kids chase an ice cream truck all the way to the finish? Well, they do:

Waiting in line for their finish-line treat!

Showing off their finish-line treats. Someone in this picture is a little piggy, though I'm not one to point fingers, so you won't be seeing his name here:

The girls get congratulatory hugs from one of the mascots. I just have to say, though, that mascots give me the creeps, BIG TIME. I mean, who is in that suit? And they are hugging my children?! Seriously? But here I sat taking pictures instead of protecting my children:

One last thing--Does this girl know how to enjoy her ice cream or what? :o)

Favorite Quotes of the event:

"Daddy, why do the runners have mad faces when they run?"

"Mom, you didn't make any signs this year!"

"Well, Liv. Chelsea wasn't here this year. Signs are her thing."

"I'm rooting for the guy in the straw cowboy hat and cut-offs. He's either really good and can pull off an outfit like that, or he's really bad."


Stephanie said...

Woohoo! Way to go Liv & Holland. Great pictures!

Chelsea said...

Well done Girls (and Brian)! So sorry we weren't there with signs :( Next race, K?!


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