Sunday, June 13, 2010

New and Improved

You remember our favorite mode of transportation? Back when we had 1 little girl on the tag-a-long and 1 toddler who was happy with her PBJ's in the caboose?

Well, with the addition of our third little gal, Miss Georgia Reese,

came the decision to expand "the train." Holland has now graduated and announced her desire to ride like Liv--"like a big girl". So you'll have to check out our new ride:

We parked it next to our Subaru for comparison:

Brian is great at keeping the train upright and up to speed. He is also a master at turning a corner and dodging pedestrians who don't know their right from their left and who stare at us as a sheep would look at oncoming traffic with no intention whatsoever of moving out of the way. I included this picture to prove to y'all that Brian does need me, and I do put forth effort on my part as "the stoker".

He may say otherwise, but I swear to you that this u-turn he is making is to pick me up. "Oops! We forgot, mom!" Seriously? It is also proof that I do work. I also pinch bottoms if the captain complains. There may or may not have been a water bottle or two dumped over a certain captain's head.

No reason to gape with your mouth open at my behavior. This is all good and normal whilst learning how to tandem ride together.

Speaking of learning to ride together, the girls' tandem set-up actually shifts, and they have to also pedal together. It was pretty hysterical listening to them work things out the first time we ventured out.

"L-I-V! Your making it too hard to pedal!

"If you don't pedal, then I'm going to..."

"Now it's too easy! Stop doing that!"

These comments and more were heard along the greenbelt for about the first half of the ride. The next hour or so were spent laughing hysterically as they learned how to work together--so hard was their laughter that they almost fell off their bike at different times. What a treasure to see these sisters working together. Learning how to give and take. Going, as their mama constantly reminds from the stoker seat, not too fast and not too slow. :o) I also need to admit that these two little chickies learned in two hours what Brian and I are still learning 4 years later.

We love riding together. Brian and I get a decent workout, the girls appreciate the beauty around them as they are out and about, and Reese is happy and nappy in the back. Other perks: Not having to worry if the girls are in the way of other bikers, or cars while crossing the street. Both girls are braver about going faster when on their own bikes. We can all hear each other and have conversations while riding!

Happy biking to you and yours!


christa said...

I stinkin' love this, it's really brilliant! :) I saw your amazing train in action this past weekend. (I was in our driveway on Hays when you passed on the sidewalk) Good think I wasn't ON the sidewalk... I would've been one of the gawkers getting in the way. ;) What fun!!

J said...

Christa, how crazy is that? We were going to Highland's brewpub for some Snicker's Pie. :o) Next time you'll have to jump out and say hi. :o)

theporterfields said...

What a fun way to spend family time! Thank you for the idea of pouring water over the captains head, I hadn't thought of that. heee heee! It won't be long and we will have our own train to follow yours. ":o)

Hilty Sprouts! said...

That is completely awesome!

Paul said...

Jen, F to the YI, Amanda totally follows and loves your blog. ( I do too ;)
We love the chance to peak in your guys' family, Thank you!


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