Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Three Blind Dancing Mice

The girls wanted to be the three blind mice for Halloween. With tutus. The girls always add some sort of twist to their costumes. One year, they both dressed as Minnie Mouse--with a pirate patch. The twist is often added as we are heading out the door. This year it was all premeditated. Our friend Christi's mother-in-law lent us the mice costumes. They were so cute. After knocking on the doors of our favorite neighbors, we headed to our favorite eatery in all the world: Highlands Brew Pub, where kids eat free on Halloween. Then we headed down Harrison for trick or treating.

They got asked multiple times to sing "Three Blind Mice". They obliged, belting it out with their squeaky voices. The girls were thrilled that Reese also got to join in the fun.

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Stephanie said...

I've been waiting for these pictures. How ADORABLE!! I'm always amazed at how creative your girls are.


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