Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Little Things

I love my family.

I'm so thankful that God has given me such a fun, strong husband.

I'm grateful for smart, active girls.

I'm happy that we have pillow fights and that on certain days we all sack out on the couches while watching movies, and sometimes sleep there through the night. I love our midnight ice cream runs, and the time we hopped on our long bike train 10:30pm to try to catch the last of the Summer Fireworks at Hawks Stadium. I treasure the memories we have had cheering Brian on during his triathlon races, and the time I got to cross the finish line with Liv at the end of my own race. I fondly remember the year we went to the Fair 4 days in a row. The fountain at The Saturday Market has gotten us wet a few times on purpose, but I like the time when Brian rode us all on our bikes through it, all of us girls screaming, the best. We've had moments of reflection, fun conversation, and even birthday wishes atop Tablerock. We've watched the sun set along the hills together and The girls still talk about the time we all "played" in the shop making wooden kitchen spoons. Saturday Waffle Mornings. Christmas light gazing--especially that one house. Hot chocolate tastes even better in small espresso cups, and ice cream tastes way better when shared straight from the carton. We celebrate every family triumph at our favorite restaurant at the end of Harrison Blvd, affectionately nicknamed "Snickers Pie", and our girls will never be able to eat pancakes without thinking of The Trolley House and the tattoos with skulls that they get afterwards. I treasure the traditional "Daddy's home" shouts of "Who Loves Daddy!" and "Who loves Reese", and "Who loves Liv's stinky feet?" and I smile when I think of all our hands raised.

I could list more, but the point is....It's the little things. The little things are what we will remember for years to come. It's the little things that don't cost much (if anything), and will build memories to last our children's lifetime. It will shape them. It will shape their children. It will shape their children's children.

What are your "little things?"


Katie said...

wrestling on the bed with the kids / watching them wrestle eachother.

love this post, jen, how sweet life is!

Chelsea said...

No wonder Mary LOVES going to the Wiebers! So fun!


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