Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Stone's Throw

I'm so thankful that we live within a stone's throw of the Boise River. Right out our door await endless exploration possibilities. Someday the girls will remember walking from our house to the greenbelt and a bit further to the library for music class, computer fun, and checking out books. They've had scavenger hunts along the pathway which ultimately ended with a "hole in one" at the bakery down the road ;O). We've enjoyed stone throwing contests, rock-skipping lessons from daddy, and miles of tandem bike train excursions. This summer I was also able to run alongside Liv 4-5 miles as she rode her bike next to me. She would tease me and go real slow, and then speed up as fast as she could. That makes for a pretty amazing workout. You should really try it sometime. The funniest thing we had to teach her was to look where she wanted to go. Countless times, she would gaze at the river, and then we'd have to tow her back up to the trail after her bike attempted to swim. It was also hysterical to see the looks of alarm on people's faces when they zeroed in on Liv blasting right in their direction, looking straight in their eyes with the same identical look of horror. Now, she says, "I'm looking where I want to go, mom!" The girls also get to hang with dad on his long board. They love that. On our bikes, we can make it all the way to the heart of downtown Boise, right out our front door, without having to compete with car traffic. It's pretty wonderful. Here are some pics of our walk along the River last weekend.

Sisterly affections.

Me n my girls.

Daddy is so so so loved!!! Now I wonder why this guy would be so happy to add another daughter to the mix? :o)

Keeping balanced as we watch for ducks!

Here's a couple of well-loved pics of the girls enjoying rides last Spring with daddy on his long board:


Keri said...

I am excited to see what the train looks like with another one!

R said...

Do you know yet what the gender of the baby will be?

Great shots.


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