Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've Been Tagged

by Rachel and need to share seven interesting things about me!

1. I once taught 3 female students how to change a tire along a busy road while teaching Driver's Education one summer and didn't even know how to change one!

2. In 1989, I won the Wednesday night Puyallup Fair Hoola Hoop contest.

3. I was once handed Joe Walsh's guitar pick right after his concert and lost it. I

4. I was baptized in Lake Wasilla during a youth group mission trip to Alaska. Awesome!

5. I helped lead a children's Vacation Bible School in Tecate, Mexico during a mission trip in High School. Completely in Spanish.

6. I bungee-jumped over the Snake River while in College with my boyfriend, who is now my wonderful husband. He truly thought he was going to die, but he "had" to jump because I jumped first.

7. The little voice in my head that tells me to do things, speaks to me in text.

Honorable Mention:

While backstage during my job at The Taco Bell Arena (formerly known as The Boise State Pavilion), I [accidentally] tripped Nancy Kerrigan while she was getting ready to skate for Disney on Ice. She was not happy.
Please note: This was not the famous incident you read about in the tabloids.

So now I need to tag 7 more people! So, please consider yourself "tagged". You can post your interesting facts on your blog, facebook, etc. Be sure to send it back to me so I can learn more about you!

Danielle Richert

Keri Swan

Sharon Cooney

Chelsea Drake

Katie Jennings

Miranda Risinger

Suzanne Porterfield


Sharon said...

Mine aren't nearly as interesting as Jen's :-) but I posted mine on our website if you'd care to look :-)

Chelsea said...

The Nancy Kerrigan thing made me laugh! That's a keeper. I have to add your famous pronunciation of jicama....spoken phonetically: jakoma. One of my very favorite Jen-isms :) I'll work on mine, but they all sound boring so far.

Chelsea said...

Who is Joe Walsh?

R said...

Those are amazing things you posted!

I officially suck.

The voice speaking to you in text is very disturbing. Kind of like how every letter and number for me has a gender.

J said...

I had forgotten about the whole letter-number/gender thing. Though now I do remember us talking about it at book club. I must have blocked it out. I wish it were still blocked in a way. Thanks for sharing, Rach. :OI

Danielle said...

Yeah! I love these kind of things. I'm working on my list now. :)

PS. We received your Christmas letter this week. Those girls of yours sure are incredibly cute. My favorite..."My feet are dancing. I can't help it!" Hope you are all having a wonderful new year!

David said...

Ah, yes, those mission trips were good times. Reading those brought back great memories of our youth. D and I enjoyed your Christmas letter and I agree with Brian, don't ever joke about ice cream. I'm going to join Holland in asking God to "lay down more green pastures". I love it!

Gabrielle said...

You are hilarious. Do you know I grew up in Wasilla? Small small world!

R said...

LOL you are funny


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