Thursday, July 31, 2008

Poor Gramma!

Brian's mom, generous enough to watch the girls as I went to run some errands (though she would say that it is a privilege), was subjected to torturous happenings while I was gone. I came home, and Jan was on the couch, enduring the pain it takes to be beautiful. The funniest part about this was when Liv came down with all her hair items, she told Jan to sit still. "This will only hurt a little bit," She said. What will hurt a little bit???? Jan looked at what L. held in her hand. Tweezers. She was attempting to pluck her eyebrows!!!! I regret that I was not fast enough to take a snapshot of the back of Jan's head. A real live CARABINER stuck to one of her auburn locks. L. is a master of thinking outside the box, and using objects for what they are NOT intended for. (oh, and that's an incredible Hulk tattoo on her shoulder...)

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