Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mr. Stinky Attitude, Part II or Heart-Scrubbing

Armed with scrubbers and cleaners, I bend on knees and try blasting the grime away. Elbow grease is just a myth but can exact charm on dirtiness when we pour out.

Two sets of dark and cloudy eyes entered the bathroom where I sat scrubbing away. Three different times I saw those same sets of eyes. Three different times I reasoned. Three different times an apology was forced out. Three different times those eyes left the bathroom in order to try to start anew.

This Monday morning was home to grudgery. This Monday morning was home to unforgiveness and haughty looks. Home to I'm-better-than-you's and at-least-I-don't-do-that's. Finally, this mom gets it, and these girls aren't going to leave their bitterness alone because, it seems, they like to feel this way. They don't, not really, but their flesh does and thrives on this tug-o-war of rights and un-fairness.

Let's pray, I beseech and little one volunteers her sacrifice of words and lays them at His feet. She said sorry for the disobedience and sorry for the meanness and she asked God to take Stinky Attitude out of her heart.

Then it happened.

It was like rain washing off the grime and reek that Mr. Stinky Attitude wiped on her heart. It was like a fresh breeze entered into our little bathroom and gave us new air to breathe and a new chance at redeeming the day. Happiness erupted with that heart scrubbing.

Little one started thanking.

Thank you God for Mummy and thank you God for Daddy and for Grandma and for Uncle Jeff and for my sisters and for...the mumbled list continued long.

And through her tears I heard an upturned smile that couldn't resist her newly softened heart. And she really believed what she said and it transformed her little heart.

Did you hear, 'lil sweetness, what just happened in your prayer?

You became thankful.

It dawned on me that we can ask and ask and ask Stinky Attitude to leave, but it's easier to get him to stay out when we remove his comfortable surroundings. When we scrub away discontent and ungratefulness, he doesn't have a place to feel at home. And the better our hearts are scrubbed, the more out of place Stinky Attitude feels. Gratefulness, we found out, is the key to having a good attitude.

Gratefulness will build beauty and will create a heart home where Stinky Attitude doesn't want to be.

With that, a hug was wrapped around my knees and we rejoiced and made a fresh new start to our Monday.

For the last time, today at least, these 2 sets of eyes went on their way with a new look and a new start.

Looking around at my shower, I began again to scrub away the hardened water, but with renewed fervor, praying for God to do the same in all our hearts.

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Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

What a beautiful post - What truth! I loved every word and related to all of them.

Stopping by via Holy Experience. Thank you for sharing!


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