Friday, April 30, 2010

The Caboose

Something's missing from this picture of The Wieber family train. Know what it is?

Not what, but who...Reese, of course! Last weekend we took her for her first "train" ride and she loved it. Reese would like to thank her friend Joel for the use of his trailer hammock.

Though Holland was cheerful and excited to ride with Reese, she offered that it might be time for her to graduate from the caboose and ride like a "big girl". We'll see what kind of creative contraption her daddy comes up with this time. :o)

And Liv...not our little girl anymore, had her seat raised a bunch. I thought those legs of hers were getting long! In fact, the other day she came into the kitchen, hands on hips, "perplexed" written on her forehead:

"Somebody's been putting too small of socks in my drawer!"

Her eyes got really big, and an excited grin spread across her cheeks when we told her it wasn't that her socks were small....her feet were just getting bigger!

Happy bike trails to you!

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