Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving Adventures

We headed to Birch Bay, Washington for Thanksgiving. We got a late start, as Brian ruptured his bicep tendon and we had to get MRI's and doc appointments done before we could go. He also fixed our Blazer's intake manifold gasket with a left hand and the help of his priceless friend, Scott. Once there, we had a great weekend visiting with Brian's sister and her family, Grandma Jan, Aunt Charlie, and Grandpa Phil. The girls logged in some much needed "cousin-time". We pulled into their driveway at 3am...this is usual for us to keep plowing through the drive. Well, actually, it's normal for Brian to do so. I get to rest my eyes in the passenger seat. I know...I'm spoiled. Anyhow, we pull in and tell the girls where we are. Now, normally, we would need about 5 whole minutes to get the groggies out, stretch, and then begin to comprehend our surroundings. Not this time. Giggling erupted and shouts of, "There here! There here!" could be heard from Holland. Inside, the house, a celebration enused. At Mark and Tami's house, EVERYONE celebrates at 3am when you arrive. It's really a very nice way to enter into a visit.

While there, we:

Snuggled with bunnies.

Went on a nature hike.

Got Clean.

and Went sledding. Without snow.

I also got trounced 3 whole times while playing board games with my nephews. Be afraid boys. I will come back to redeem myself and get back my honor.

On the way back, we stopped in Yakima to surprise my parents with a quick visit. They are there for a brief stint while my dad fills in as a P.T.

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