Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Snow Day

Kids are different in the snow. More daring. More excitable. More creative. And in Holland's case: More cold. She is not a huge fan of being cold and is quite miserable every time we venture out in the Winter. Nonetheless, she did seem to have fun this year building a snowman in front of our home. Liv, on the other hand, LOVES to be cold and has ever since she was a baby. We got chastised so many times while touring Europe with her in December 2003. She was 2 months old and though clothed and blanketed, she was not wrapped up enough to bystander's expectations. In my head, I remember thinking..."Ok....I'll wrap this little one up like a mummy, and you can enjoy the aftermath: wild, uncontained screams, and thrashy kicks that could knock your lights out. Liv is still this way. We have a rule where she must wear clothes to the dinner table. And it's written on a sign. In the car, if it's too hot from the heater blaring, she pants like a dog and can barely get out the words, "my mouth needs air! My breath is so hot!", as she frantically attempts to roll down her window. In the bathtub, a common argument is: Mo-om! It's too co-old! No it's no-ot! It's too HO-OT!!!!

So, snow days can be challenging. Liv wants to run out with sandals and a t-shirt, while you can't get enough clothes on Holland.

Even when you do, the poor thing will be holding up the side of the garage door, seeking some sort of sheltered solace, while looking at Liv and all her friends play in the snow. Not sad. But glad that it's not her out there.

Last weekend, the girls got to play with their friend Mary at Maddie and Jake's house. They had a ball. Well, Liv did. :o) What we learned from this snow day: Cookie sheets and snow shovels can successfully lead double lives as snow sleds!

And yesterday, we played in our own front yard. I call this our first successful snow day...Holland is smiling!

And here is Grandma, placing the ninja cap upon our snowman's head. I've never met a ninja yet who wears suspenders. Well, at least I've never met one who would admit to such a fashionable accessory choice.

Merry Christmas week to you all!

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Sharon said...

What a fun day!!!
Liv and Holland you two are beautiful and such sweet girls!!!
Love you!


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