Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mud Angels

What do 3 snow-lovin girls do when the snow they have waited and wished for becomes the melty variety of snow in just mere hours?

Well, thankfully, these girls are flexible...

The results of a recent snow day:

3 VERY muddy girls
1 mud angel

an amazing mud path to the patio door
1 rather large pile of dark brown clothes and boots
1 wash machine filled with leaves, rocks, and probably manure (since play time WAS in the garden after all).
1 bath tub full of clean girls and muddy water.

and best of all...A very fun memory!!

Um...yeah....we do like mud around here.  Why do you ask?  :o)


Chelsea said...

Mary says: "I had a lot of fun getting all muddy with Liv and Holland! I had fun getting bubbles in my face and on my chin! Me and Holland and Liv had lots of fun in the bath tub. Thanks Liv and Holland for getting all muddy with me. Maybe next time I come over and it's winter we can get all muddy again!"
She's wordy, what can I say.

JB said...

Wow! You are one cool Mom. Corbin would have thought he had gone to heaven!

Kimberly said...

You are such a cool mom!


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