Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mud Pies Forever

Mud Pies call to me

And there I sit, again.

I am six and the mud oozes

And drips

and cakes

and clumps

And it’s not half as messy as

My smile. I am a top-notch chef,

A connoisseur of simple happiness

And I bake the mud right out of

The pastry until it’s way past time

To go in and I’ve made hundreds—

No, thousands of sloppy pies.

The taste of Imagination

is pure deliciousness

And my palate is quenched like the

Time I sat next to my lonely friend

Instead of keeping with the crowd.

I wipe mud on my pants and begin again.

The mud is mine, And I am it.


And the reverie is over and

Now I have a girl of six

And she drips,

She cakes,

And she clumps mud

And her smile is messy, too.

She is a top-notch chef,

A connoisseur of simple happiness

And she invites me to stay long

and bake hundreds—

No, thousands of pies and I

Agree and before I know it,

I am her playmate and my palate is quenched

Because I choose it to be, like the

Times I sit with my girls to play together,

instead of doing my grown-up thing,

to sugar-coat and entertain our


We wipe mud on

our pants, and smile. The mud is ours,

and we are it.

Linking with Emily today....


Sharon said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You ROCK as a mom!!!

Carrie Burtt said...

These are the memories that will matter....truly messy and beautiful all rolled into one!

Brian Miller said...

that is awesome...sometimes us grown ups need a good dose of being a kid keeps us young...i keeps us in tune...

Lauri said...

entertaining there anything better than this?
Love this post!!

Dianne said...

Wow! This touches a deep level inside of me that is hard to describe--simply exquisite--the words, thoughts, desires, memories, love between parent and child--too awesome for words really.

Ramblings by Carol Nuckols said...

Jen, your imagination is still with you. Continuously stoked, it sounds like. Good going.

emily wierenga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
emily wierenga said...

oh girl, this is tremendous. that one photo of you kissing your little baby's cheek? oh... what a good mother you are. taking time to play, to remember. these are the moments. i needed this today. i'm off to make mud pies with my son. xo

alittlebitograce said...

i read this with a huge smile! :)

Loni said...

What fun memories you made! Enjoyed reading!

It's my first time joining Imperfect Prose and visiting you! :)

Anonymous said...

i love it! when i was a girl i baked and baked the pies day after day. our front porch had perfect cement "oven" holes to put the pies in. mud just makes everything better. :) what a happy memory you just made!

Mama Abby said...

love this...don't have the time to say all i love because there is so much!

thanks for your comment on "when butterflies dance"

gorgeous right back at you!

Bethany Ann said...

the breath of God is drawn to mud, isn't it? this is so beautiful.

elizabeth said...

I LOVE your words and photos too! Fabulous!
Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving your encouraging words.

Kara said...

I don't do enough of this... making mud pies and other messy fun. You are wise to play in the dirt with your littles. And you are kind to share the experience with such lovely words.

Good for you!


Connie Mace said...

"The taste of Imagination is pure deliciousness" and your children are blessed that you see it so!

Courtney Walsh said...

Oh, wow. This totally challenges me as a mom. First of all, it looks like FUN...but the part about playing with them instead of doing your grownup thing. I so get that.

Play on!! :)


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