Monday, February 13, 2012

The Carrot Who Lost His Hat

My 6-year-old recently created this story for her Grandma Jan's birthday.  Grandma Jan and the girls have a tradition of telling vegetable stories back and forth, inspired by their time in the garden together.  She told, I typed.  I did help her with word choices, based on her impression of the character's emotions, but all in all, this was her story and her illustrations.  I think my favorite picture she drew, was of Mr. Radish sleeping, dreaming about Mrs. Rut A. Baga with that dreamy look on his face.  So funny. PS:  here is an early look into Holland's colorful word choices at the ripe age of three.  A Mother's Day card transcribed by Brian. 

Great job, Holland!!


Andrea said...

I like the look on mom's face when Sammy yells at his little sister. :)

JB said...

How wonderful that your SIX year old did this. I am impressed. What a cute story. I am going to read it to my six year old tomorrow. Her pictures we great too. So cute! Blessings, Jenn B

Keri said...

Holland is quite gifted in storytelling (and know her teacher is, too)!
I like how Mr. Radish is totally in love with Miss Rut A. Baga and how Sammy leaves a note for him-- Sammy and Mr. Radish must be really close friends.
I saw the cool picture with the bejeweled treasure chest and penguin Holland made for Adam today. What a cheerful picture for someone who is in the hospital. Tell her nice work.

Chelsea said...

i love your story ubowt the carit. Love, Mary

Kimberly said...

That's great! What a bossy carrot. :)


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