Saturday, June 25, 2011

Main Street Friends

Note: This post can also be called, "I run for Ice Cream" or "My Friends are Faster Than Your Friends".

Once again, third year running, we came out to support Men's Prostate Health at The Main Street Mile in Boise, Idaho.

We love the freedom to run in the streets, greet all the City mascots in one convenient location,

cheer on fast friends,



and chase the Meadow Gold truck.

Here we are before the race, taking some pre-race photos:

And then when I said, "Strike a pose", Holland thought I said, "Strike a hose". hehe.

So we tried "Strike a pose", again. And gee, it worked!

Sisters are always cheesy:

Liv ran by herself this year, but there were plenty of looks back at dad...just enough to make him feel good. :o)

Julia and Luke and their dad:

I was sure proud of Holland. She didn't want Liv out of her sight (for competitive reasons, not for security, I am sure :o) and so pushed herself to her limit. Though she was hurting, she refused to stop. Though, by the looks of it, I'm positive Brian got plenty of dirty looks for "dragging" his girl along.

Eli and his dad:

Trevor with his mom:

And Trevor seeing his supporters:

Sure, the blue ribbon is a big deal, but the ice cream just can't be beat.

Some Fan photos: :o)

And Papa Snail gets the award for most races supported. He's been to every Main Street Mile race to cheer on the girls, and he even raced in one of them when Brian was out of the country for work.

Awesome race. Awesome Summer memories!

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