Thursday, June 2, 2011


Thank you God

for these simple pleasures

here on earth...our home temporary.

For grins

and cool breezes with a slight chance of rain

For blossoms on the tree we pass

to bring beauty into our peripheral and

to make our hearts stand

at attention

and race for The One who made it.

We dance and sing

For YOU-- creator magnificent

Layer-down of life

and giver of eternity.

Did you catch that?

I said, eternity!

Who blesses with colors

of splendor and sounds

of nature.

Who carries the weak-kneed

and honors those who go last.

Who gives and then takes away,

taking the ash and rubble

and the wounded

and making beautiful out of ugly.

Who bled,

a tortured man on a cross,

and rose as was promised,

to give us life everlasting.

The day of remembrance does pass,
but our praise to the One shouldn't

And like a kid with money in his pocket,
we don't forget

the cool against sweaty palm.

If we have God, we have it all.

Thank you God--

giver of life and joy

and promise eternal.

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