Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We were incredibly blessed to spend a fun weekend in McCall with friends. It wasn't just fun, it was educational.

For example:

We learned that Reese much prefers to be ON the sled, than off. (that look of horror you see there is actually her inner-adrenaline-junkie's-token-scared-face).

This is Reesie OFF the sled:

We were relieved to discover that Brian's "winter shorts" made it through the snow. Here he takes Reese up for another sled ride.

We also learned that Reese and Liv have similar adrenaline-junkie-token-scared-faces:

As does Adam:

And we were reminded of what an awesome biggest sister Liv is. Here she checks on Reesie after their sled ride. Everyone is happy.

One word of caution: Do not ever, EVER throw a snowball at Brian:

You will lose every time. Reese says, "My dad can beat up your dad!"

Not only will Brian win, he will also stick his tongue out at you. Real mature, buddy. Real mature.

Sledding is MUCH more fun with a scared face.

And with your right arm raised:

And especially while looking cute:

And McCall just isn't McCall unless you're with your friends!


Becky Avella said...

Great pictures and great commentary! : ) Looks like you all had so much fun making memories. : )

Hilty Sprouts said...

Looks like SO much fun! Great pictures!


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