Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love The Shams

We have these amazing friends who also happen to live just around the corner. They invited us up to their cabin a couple of weeks ago while Rob and Brian went to the Calvary Men's Bootcamp weekend. It was a whole weekend of NOTHING. Well, only if you call laughing and resting and playing games and crafts and food and snow forts and movies and finishing a super good book "nothing". I even got to sleep in until 9AM one morning. I seriously have no recollection of the last time I was able to do that!

It was a restful and encouraging weekend and I am just so thankful for their family, affectionately known to us as "The Shams". :o) Long story, but let's just say that if you type in their real name, "spell check" changes it to "Sham". Ok, that wasn't such a long story. It was actually short. And not at all you. I apologize.

These "indoorsy types" stayed inside almost the whole weekend. And smiled the whole weekend, too.

And this "outdoorsy" girl of ours had a blast outside. Liv Wieber is always, always silly.

Jake and Liv were super compatible play partners. They spent literally every waking moment outside working on their fort:


Being goofy (again):

I took this picture of Holland during the 5-minute window she was outside. Remember, snow has never been her thing. :o)

This little one of ours is an "outdoorsy-type" as well. She loved hanging out with Maddie.

We are so thankful for the friends God has given us!

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