Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas from

The Wieber Family:

A year in quotes, 2010

Dad? How will I ever buy a car when I just spent all my money on a Zhu Zhu pet?

-Liv, age 6, experiencing an early onset of buyer’s remorse.

If you see a talking snake, that’s definitely Satan.

Deep Thoughts, by Liv Wieber.

Hey, I’m all about taking a placebo--if it works.

-Jen, just happy it works.

We should have named Reesie Princess Buttercup, but we didn’t think of that.

-Holland, age 4.

I’ve never seen little girls so proud of their stinky feet before. It’s so we can defeat you, Dad!

-Brian and Liv, and the unveiling of the Girls’ most effective Superpower.

What if Reesie married a tiger? That would be weird. And dangerous.

-Deep Thoughts, by Liv Wieber.

Holland, Heaven is going to be so fun! The streets are lined with gold! What if the streets are lined with avocado?

-A conversation about the fear of death in which Liv earnestly tried to console Holland.

You have to be a real strong girl, just like my dad is.

-Holland, advising her friend, Mary.

Holland, did you know Satan wants to BE God? That’s not very nice! He’s got to be grateful for who he is!

-Liv and Holland, having an earnest discussion about Satan’s fall from grace.

Liv, she’s your sister—not your toy.

-Brian, reminding Liv to be gentle with Reese.

I know! We can punch her in the face, choke her, then hit her on the top of her head!

-Holland’s suggestion of how to get Liv’s loose tooth out.

Ohhhh! I just want 99 sisters! I wish, I wish, I wish! Our house would be FILLED with little girls!

-Liv, expressing gratefulness at being a big sister.

You make awesome mixed tapes. That’s one of things I love most about you.

-Brian to Jen, speaking from the deepest, most sentimental place in his heart.

Dad? Why do you have a mustache under your arm?

-Holland, age 4 and full of questions.

If you weren’t my mom, and someone else was my mom, I would sneak out of my house and find you so that you’d be my mom.

-Liv, always creating “what-if” scenarios. (Yes, I melted)

Dad? Are you stronger than Popeye? (Liv) Lucky for me, Popeye isn’t real. If he was, he might be stronger. I was right! Popeye is stronger! (Holland) I said MIGHT be.

- between Liv, Brian, and Holland (and the belief that Daddy is indestructible at stake).

That would be cool if your harmonica was also a knife—and a small hatchet.

-Liv, age 7, overflowing with good ideas.

It’s the best job ever.

Jen, about being a mom.

I had a bad dream that I didn’t like vegetables and there was a big box of them and you “let” me eat all of them. I think God was trying to tell me to stop saying that I don’t like veggies.

-Holland, dream interpreter.

Mom, someone keeps putting too small of socks in my drawer!

-Liv, extremely frustrated until she discovered her feet had grown.

Would you like another chance to do it right, Liv? Yes. (Sniff.) We all deserve another chance. Yeah! Just like the Israelites! God gave them lots and lots of chances!

-Liv and Mom, practicing obedience.

LaLAla! (I love you)

-Reese, age 16 months

Oh Look! Reese can eat human food, now!

-Holland, ecstatic that Reese was finally eating solid food at a restaurant.

Dearest family and friends,

We are forever grateful for the blessing you are to our family.

May God’s peace and love lead you into the coming year.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”Luke 2:14


emily wierenga said...

so much love to you, jen, and your beautiful family.... (i so appreciated your honest comment on my post, and the way your heart is always so true). xo

nic said...

this post is utter delight...funny and personal all at once. oh, how i wish my family could meet yours!


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