Friday, February 5, 2010

Hat Haiku

Did you ever write Haikus in school? The proportions are as follows: The first line--5 syllables, the second--7 syllables, the third line--5 syllables.

I always loved the challenge that it presented.

How in the world is one to get their point across in only 17 syllables?

I'm a girl! Doesn't this Haiku know that I need, as does any woman for that matter, at least 57 syllables to do it justice? Why do I have to be put in a box? For pete's sake, I am starting to feel a bit smothered.

Even though I love haikus, I didn't write any for years. For some reason, since I only learned about them in my school-age years, I felt that they were proprietary to that time in my life. I simply wasn't allowed to write any Haikus, unless of course it was a project assigned by Mrs. Welde. Right? How funny this mind of mine works sometimes.

Now I write Haikus. Not all the time. Just every once in awhile on a crinkled napkin, or an old page torn out of the phone book. On the back of the junk mail envelope. They all get tossed, but there is something satisfying about finishing a's the same feeling you get when you finish a sudoku puzzle or when you find Waldo and his skinny red and white striped shirt amidst a sea of other red and white striped cars, construction workers, and dog sweaters. It's a short challenge, one that still allows me to change diapers, finish the dishes, interact with my girls, teach school.

All in only 17 syllables.


Charming hat atop
a crown of balmy-sweet scent
warm my baby's ears

My super sweet friend Katie, with her mad crocheting skills, made Reese this beautiful little hat. Isn't it cute?

Now, it's your turn to write a Haiku. In my comments section. Using only 17 syllables.


Keri said...

Love this post, Jen.

I actually really really like the limits of Haiku because it's so much easier for me. I do so much better when I can rule out the endless endless possibilities. And I agree that it is so satisfying to finish.
Speaking of which, Scott and I decided to start a new tradition for Valentine's Day. We are going to each write a poem for each other and have dinner. It is going to be so much fun to read them when we are 85.

I thought one of the rules of Haiku was to break the rules of Haiku ;)
However, I did not break the rules for this one about Joel:

Boy loves to boogie
He bops, he turns, happily
He lifts our spirits at once

Hilty Sprouts! said...

I love haiku! I haven't written one since probably 4th or 5th grade. You have inspired me to try it again! I like to write poetry anyway especially if I'm angsting it out over something in my life. :o)


J said...

Keri, I think it's hard to make haikus sound finished. Yours does. It flows so well and not just because I think it fits Joel to a T. :o) I think it's neat that you and Scott are doing a poem exchange. Super creative.


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