Saturday, January 23, 2010

True Conservation

My Brian is the most interesting person I know. And I say that with awe and admiration. He's never been one to hop on a bandwagon just because it's popular. It's because of this fact that you won't hear him talking about all the recycling he does.

Yet, he recycles everything.

Our kitchen has been remodeled using all recycled materials. He has fashioned medicine balls using sand and old basketballs. Our beautiful foosball table used to be the bed. Our charming goldilocks cradle turned into a table. You get the picture: If there is something extra lying around, he'll breathe life into it and give it a brand new purpose.

But this.


This is taking things a step further, don't you think? Maybe I'm just overly sensitive. Some people might say that jealousy is spurring on this post. Maybe. Maybe I wish I could be as innovative.

Let's just say that Mr. Humbug-Why-Do-We-Needa-Tree-Anyway went and saved our green friend from a sour afterlife in a mulch bin. Who'd have thought he would have such a tender spot for our Christmas tree?

So remember, true conservation is when you pluck all the pine needles off your tree, throw that puppy on your lathe, and spin it around and around.


Old Christmas Tree = two pine clubs.


Jonie said...

amazing Brian!

Caycee said...

You guys rock!

Chelsea said...

Brian's talents as an innovator are only trumped by Jen's as a writer.


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