Saturday, January 16, 2010


I love hats.

I mean, I really love hats.

I've stalked people to find out where they got their hat.

I also dyed one of my favorite hats a different color to hid the sharpie artistically placed there by my middle child.

Hats hide bad hair days. And bad hair weeks. (Yes, I have bad hair weeks. What's it to you?)

And I think hats give me a place to hide when my cheeks redden from some of the silly things I do. If you'd have told my 9th grade self that I would still be blushing at age 34, I would've given my 2 weeks a long time ago. But alas, here I am--still blushing.

My girls got hats from Nanette and Aunt Bucky this Christmas. I don't know how they did it, but each hat is perfectly suited to each girl.

Holland's--with her dragon-fighting princess stitched onto the perimeter.

And Liv's--with her super-soft-no-scratchy-tags hat with colors complimentary to her wintery complexion.

And even Reese--who I had not figured as an "orange-gal" positively glows in her new hat.

I think it's safe to say there are no cold ears in the Wieber home right now.

Speaking of hats, read this delightful poem by Edward Lear. Alive during the 1800's, he was an artist, a writer, and a poet, known for his whimsical writing.

The Quangle Wangles Hat
A poem by Edward Lear

On the top of the Crumpetty Tree
The Quangle Wangle sat,
But his face you could not see,
On account of his Beaver Hat.
For his hat was a hundred and two feet wide,
With ribbons and bibbons on every side
And bells, and buttons, and loops, and lace,
So that nobody ever could see the face
Of the Quangle Wangle Quee.

The Quangle Wangle said
To himself on the Crumpetty Tree,
Jam; and jelly; and bread;
Are the best food for me!
But the longer I live on this Crumpetty Tree
The plainer than ever it seems to me
That very few people come this way
And that life on the whole is far from gay!'
Said the Quangle Wangle Quee.

But there came to the Crumpetty Tree,
Mr. and Mrs. Canary;
And they said, Did you ever see
Any spot so charmingly airy?
May we build a nest on your lovely Hat?
Mr. Quangle Wangle, grant us that!
O please let us come and build a nest
Of whatever material suits you best,
Mr. Quangle Wangle Quee!'

And besides, to the Crumetty Tree
Came the Stork, the Duck, and the Owl;
The Snail, and the Bumble-Bee,
The Frog, and the Fimble Fowl;
The Fimble Fowl, with a Corkscrew leg;
And all of them said, We humbly beg,
We may build our homes on your lovely Hat,
Mr. Quangle Wangle, grant us that!
Mr. Quangle Wangle Quee!

And the Golden Grouse came there,
And the Pobble who has no toes,
And the small Olympian bear,
And the Dong with a luminous nose.
And the Blue Babboon, who played the flute,
And the Orient Calf from the Land of Tute,
And the Attery Squash, and the Bisky Bat,
All came and built on the lovely Hat
Of the Quangle Wangle Quee.

And the Quangle Wangle said
To himself on the Crumpetty Tree,
When all these creatures move
What a wonderful noise there'll be!'
And at night by the light of the Mulberry moon
They danced to the flute of the Blue Babboon,
On the broad green leaves of the Crumpetty Tree,
And all were as happy as happy could be,
With the Quangle Wangle Quee.


Jonie said...

jen, I absolutely love these photos of th girls! You are really taking some beautiful pictures...and of course your subject matter is extraordinarily beautiful as well! Love you all.

Rebecca said...

Yay! The hats are so cute, and Reese does look great in orange!!

Hilty Sprouts! said...

Love the poem and the hats! I'm still blushing at 35 so unfortunately it must be something one never outgrows! Ah well!


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