Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our baby is Three!

Holland's birthday was so special! It's so amazing to look upon a sweet little life and know that God designed her Himself. Praise God for our little girl! She adds so much sugar to our family.

This morning, she awoke in her tent to breakfast waiting for her in the kitchen: mickey mouse and heart-shaped pancakes and bacon, or "steak" as she calls it. (notice the phenomenon known as "HMH", or Holland's Morning Hair) Her gift from us was her baby book. "My own book!", she squealed. And in that instant, the fact that it took me 2 years to finish it, seemed trivial. She loved it and she is at an age now that she can enjoy it! Mary and Chelsea came over and gave Holland a pretty little necklace and Holland has shown it to everyone who comes her way. Holland was especially happy to go on a lunch date with Brian and they came back with 6 new fish for our tank. She picked them all by names: the peacock cichlid, the zebra cichlid, etc. When she arrived home, Gramma Jan was there with balloons to answer the door! By noon, her day was already so exciting. After her nap, I made tostadas and then she opened more presents. Grandma Jan gave Holland a promise of an afternoon together and a sweet little card. She also got us these amazing vintage aprons that she found at an antique store. SO FUN. Grandma Kris sent some fun school supplies for both girls...which of course sent them squealing in random and sporadic circles all over the room! We go through school supplies in our house like a classroom of 30 kids go through school supplies. Uncle Mark and Aunt Tami and the cousins sent a bunch of Hello Kitty markers, papers, snacks, and fun stuff, too. They also got some jiffy popcorn and a movie that ended their day super well! The cousins made unique and sweet notes and pictures for the girls. All the kids have such creative minds and great handwriting!!!! I also saw Brian's eyes get their mischievous look when the girls opened their new water balloon launcher. You could literally see his wheels turning. I didn't even have to ask. So, better brace yourselves for a balloon war. :o) It was the cutest thing when Holland opened up the gift from Uncle Mauricio' and Aunt Anna...."OH MY GOODNESS!" She said, in a deadpan staccato-type voice. "A BABY!" Everyone who knows Holland knows her obsession with babies. Yes, we have confirmed that the obsession continues! :o)

Holland is happy to be three. Liv is even happier. This means that she is next in line to be a year older. She's been very impatient about having to wait for her birthday to turn five. Besides her recent devastating revelation that her friend Colin turned 5 before she did, and besides the fact that Holland's birthday (GASP!) arrived before hers did, Liv really turned out for the event and helped Holland have a great celebration.

Oh happy, happy day.

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