Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This is what I heard when I rounded the corner. And this is what I saw:

But, let's go back to the beginning: two carefree girls are innocently walking themselves up the stairs to get their pj's on, when lo and behold, a mosquito is spotted. They come rushing back to us fearing for their very lives, sobbing and talking all over each other about the monster of a mosquito, waiting for them on the landing. In comes the hero: Brian, aka daddy. The Hero proceeds to back the mosquito in a corner, while the girls look on with a fascinating repulsion that only a couple of girls could muster up. The Hero proceeds towards me waving the monster in my face, while the girls excitedly trail behind. It's still alive and kicking. Then--- SQUASH. Sorry, West Nile fans...this one's contained.

So....the swashbuckling mosquito adventure ends with a motivational team huddle and an energetic shout of, "NO MORE MOSQUITOES!"

What a great dad the girls have. :o)

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