Monday, July 22, 2013

The First Time I Breathed Ocean Air

The last time I breathed ocean air
was like the first time I breathed ocean air

hands outstretched in freedom's shawl
with waves that drown words that bleed

Enormity engulfs my beating heart and
with it gives purpose, renewal, depth

Be brave it tells me!  Live like you have
nothing to lose, and care for others like

you have beauty to share. Take these five
stones and remember that there is One

who gives life and steady feet to those in
soft sand. And One who uses crashing waves

to make rough spots smooth.  Remember,
it tells me!  Don't forget what you know is true.

Breathe deep this ocean air like the first time
you breathed ocean air.

And dance.  Dance sweet in the salty waves.


Tami Mikkelson said...

This is beautiful and so true.... so important to have the stones of remembrance to remind us of the truth we know in our hearts but battle in our flesh. Press on sweet sister. Victory is ours! I am dancing right beside you.

Chelsea said...

Did you write this poem??!! Because it seems like something out of a book, too amazing to be written by someone I are truly gifted. My favorite line: "And One who uses crashing waves to make rough spots smooth."


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