Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bike Train at HP

Our girls got to "Bring Your Inventor Day" with Brian at HP each year.

This year they were very excited and no, it wasn't because they got to get out of normal school for the day.  ;o)

This year, our family bike was on display at the event.

We were asked to make a poster and explain a bit about how the bike came to be.

What would you make for a poster to be hung at an event held at a multi-national information systems corporation?

Well, I'm not sure what you would do, but Wieber girls love sharpies, so that is what we did.  We colored our poster.  I heard through the grapevine that it stuck out like a sore thumb...hopefully in a good way.

 I venture to say that it had more texture and variance than the other posters created.  :o)  And I don't think markers and pencils should ever become extinct.

Here is a picture of our poster:

Here they are, proudly, by the best ever family transportation vehicle and time spender EVER:

And here is a pic of us a couple of Summers ago.  We practically live on this thing in the Summer and love every sore rear-end minute of it!

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Isabelle said...

You guys are awesome!! :-D


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