Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Cheerful Heart

 I am so thankful for this life of mine, as I sit here listening to three daughters giggle over hot cocoa, talk of the day's exciting events that lay ahead, and beg for more marshmallows.  I feel humbled beyond belief, to think of The Savior who died for me so that I could live.  I am grateful to have people surrounding me in my life--some who add to and refine, others who need a helping hand.  I am finding that it takes both to make us into the people God has designed us to be.  Without the sharpening aspect of heart friends, we would have nothing in which to reach towards, thinking that somehow we have reached our highest.  Without the sweet souls who need our care, we would not  experience the wonderful and unique "filling up" that can only be brought by serving others.  Being the deliverer of God's sweet blessings should never be minimized.  My prayer for the rest of this life of mine, is that I would not grumble over serving others.  That I would, again and again, pick up a washcloth, drop a note, cook nourishment, comfort tears, and encourage with words that soothe and lift up.  And when I fail at this, that I would look to Heaven and begin again.

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

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