Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Georgia Reese, age 3

Baby girl turned 3 August 11th, and boy, did she know it.  She even requested a chocolate cake with sprinkles.  The girls knows what she wants, what can I say? Speaking of knowing what she wants, she prefers to be called by her full name.  Not just Reesie anymore.  Georgia Reese.  If only her mother could remember that!!  :o)  

She also is STILL in a crib.  Because she likes it.  And diapers are beloved, especially when Goofy graces the outside. Whoever decided to make diapers so fun should have to potty train my child.  

I asked her the other day if she wanted to try to go potty on the toilet. 

"How bout I just comb my hair, mama?"

She also loves just about any food I put in front of her and lots of it.

"Today was so fun!  We did so many things today.  What was your favorite?"

"I liked the eating part". 

Of course she did. 

2 waterbottles in her bed at all times (extra reserves are essential) and her blankie facing the correct way.  What do you mean you don't know what the correct way is?  The cotton touching the face, of course!  Duh!  Her top blanket shall forever be right side facing down.  

Got that?   

Her most favorite place to be in all the world is Fred Meyer behind the wheel in the car carts.  She loves to help with chores and read and cannot go to sleep unless I play her "Georgia on My Mind" on the guitar.  She also doesn't forget one single bit of information so do not ever try to pull one over on her--got that?  She sings most everything all day long.

Her most recent:

"I love mama.  Her is nice.  
I won't hit her all the time.
ro-ollerskate.  I need her.

Notice there are 7 syllables in each line.  Yeah, pretty much a genius.  

She also uses the name "bobby" as her own 4-letter word.  As in, "You're a bobby!"  Bobby is now banned from our home.  Not the real Bobby.  He's our friend and can come over anytime.  We just need to call him Jim, or something like that. 

She also talks very fondly of Heaven and is excited to one day meet God.  She says he is sweet, and takes care of her.  She also is pretty sure He doesn't scare her.

I love our girl.

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Jennifer said...

Awwhh! Happy Birthday sweet Reese. I love learning more about her. She sounds SO much like Cody. VERY particular. He is still in a crib too and likes his blankets a certain way. Great photos as usual.


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