Friday, September 28, 2012

Holland turns 7!

Our Holland-girl is now 7!  I feel so blessed to be her mom.  She is growing in compassion, kind to others, a super-speller, a little writer, a born teacher, artistic, make everyone laugh till milk comes out their noses type of girl, a nurturing big sister, a sometimes defiant younger sister :O), and an all-out tear-producing perfectionist.

Oh, and she gives the best ever hugs!

She also likes a good workout.

And she tells the craziest, imaginative stories ever.

And, almost daily, I find little notes addressed to me all over the house.

One said, "If you weren't my mom and someone else was my mom, I'd run away to find you."

I had to tell her that if I weren't her mom, she wouldn't know me, and she wouldn't run away to find me.  And shouldn't she be obeying her parents?  And how would her parents sleep at night, knowing she was traipsing all over kingdom come?  And shouldn't she not run away, young lady, because that might endanger her life and she would have to sleep on corn husks under a bridge and eat leftover hamburgers with old pickles from a dumpster?   And her mom wouldn't have the best ever towel folder, and their house would not have the most beautiful flower arrangements gracing their tables.

Soon after, she retracted her note.

But I kept it.  Because it's sweet.

The morning Holland turned 7, she raced downstairs to sit at the privileged place at the table for the traditional birthday crepe breakfast.  Stacks of crepes teetering high, softened butter, warm blueberry sauce, homemade syrup, crispy bacon, and mounds of grapes from our garden.  Sigh.  Doesn't get much better.  When's the next Wieber birthday!  Please!  Hurry!

Then, a very fun walking/skipping excursion with her sisterly buddy, Mary, to the donut shop up the way with the token game of hide-n-seek along the way.

Back home after tromping in the woods, we got ready for her outing with Nanette and Uncle Tim.  Holland's choice?  Joe's Crab Shack!

Later that night, Uncle Chris and Aunt Amy came to have some cake with us.  Butter Pecan cake with maple buttercream frosting.  It was as good as it sounds!  Maybe not the prettiest of cakes....but the boulders you see on top?  Chocolate boulders from the City Peanut Shop.  Oh yeah.
 Here's a recent picture of the girls with Aunt Amy.  They love her!

A few days later, we had a little party for her.  Rock climbing, rock painting, and apple bobbing were all on the agenda, and boy did she have fun!

(proof that Mae DID lick the apples.  hehe)

After all the fun was had, the kids all came in and played games before an impromptu costume party ensued. I must say that all the male party-goers were exceptional sports and super creative, each with a great sense of humor to have to pick from a Wieber Dress up Barrel.  Seriously....What do 3 girls have to offer?  Surprisingly, it's not all princess paraphernalia.  But it's not Storm Trooper attire either.

It doesn't get crazier than this, folks.  She was heard saying afterwards--this was my most favorite birthday ever!  What a blessing she is--and we are so grateful to be her parents!

The coolest thing:  Holland has always had a love for rainbows.  She used to even form rainbows with rows of shoes when she was younger!  After a bunch of rain directly before her party, the skies cleared and she was met with, not one, but two rainbows.

A double rainbow to cap her party off!  It was a perfect day.


Isabelle Krake said...
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Isabelle Krake said...

What a great birthday. Looks like it was a lot of fun! And that double rainbow?... seems like it couldn't get better than that. Happy birthday Holland!

Hilty Sprouts said...

Happy birthday holland!
Great post Jen! Holland's sweet note brought tears to my eyes. Then I laughed like crazy at the costume party. Classic bribery material. Those kids are going to be so mad at you someday! ;)


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