Friday, October 15, 2010

Wisdom From A 7-Year-Old

In honor of Liv's 7th birthday (someone please tell me I am dreaming and the last 7 years DID NOT rush by in a blink!) I asked her a few questions to capture her view of the world as of right now.

But can I first say how much fun Liv is to us all? How she really "gets the ball rolling" around here with all her ideas? How she motivates even Chester to be a better The things I love about Liv are endless. I love how I can just look at her and "see" the wheels turning inside that head of hers, and how she will let go of any and all favorites to instead bless someone else, and how she is absolutely passionate about her friends, and the same with her roll of duct tape. I love every quirky and normal thing about her.

So, that said--I'd like to continue. Thank you for allowing me my happy tirade.

1) Liv, now that you are 7, reflect for us back to age six. What did you like best about being six?
I got a new bike. It's a Gary Fisher and it's faster than my other bike. It has a front brake and a back brake and it has gears. It's purple. I like purple a lot.

2) You have your whole 7th year in front of you. What do you think it will be like?
A whole new life. I'll be older and I'll get to do more fun things. Like....more Math subjects.

3) What will you learn as a 7-year-old?
I'll learn more about not messing up my room. My room is a teenager's room just exploded.

4) What is your favorite food?

5) What is your favorite thing to do?
Play with my sisters. They're fun to play with. They make me not lonely.

6) What would you like to be when you get older?
A mom...then I get to give my old toys to my children and I'll make food all on my own, and I'll get to play with them.

7) What's your advice to a younger person, like Holland, who will turn 6 in the next year?
It's fun to be 6 because you get to do older stuff--you get taller and get to go on better rides at the fair.

8) What do you think you can do to make a difference in this world?
Clean up! You can look around you and pick up garbage and make this world a new place. A beautiful place!

9) What do you think God wants you to learn this year?
There are friends--all around the world--for me.

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Tami said...

That's my girl! I miss her oodles. I can hear her distinct voice as she enthusiastically gives each of those answers. Good job mom and dad. Some of those answers reflect 7 years well spent.


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