Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little Livvy Livenshire

I finally was able to scan in Liv's book, which I wrote and illustrated for her first birthday. It's so hard to believe that she'll be 6 years old in just a couple of months. From day 1, Liv was who she is....and when I wrote this book, it was easy to describe her...even before her first birthday. Still today, the Little Livvy Livenshire portrayed in this book, is the same little girl who resides in our home. I feel so blessed to be her mom!

Little Livvy Livenshire

Little Livvy Livenshire, was a delightful girl. Not delightful because of her golden hair, or her silly giggle. Livvy was delightful because she loved others more than she loved herself. Livvy always had a smile on her face and a blissful hop to her step.

In the land of Livenshire, there was plenty of room to run, lavender skies, and clouds the shape of little bunnies. Livvy often nestled underneath the town’s famous bubblegum tree, dreaming of the day she might have a dog to call her very own. Livvy promised herself that if she ever received a dog, she would love it with all the hugs she could muster and all the songs she could sing. After these promises, Livvy would continue to nap beneath the tree, smiling at the sweet sound of the ice-cream truck in the distance.

The King of Livenshire was kind and generous. He loved the people of Livenshire and always tried to put their needs above his own. He hoped the residents of Livenshire would also treat others with kindness.

Today was different than most, as the whole town had gathered on the palace courtyard to hear a special announcement from the King.

“Here ye! Here ye, residents of Livenshire! The King’s noble dog, Chester, needs a playmate!”

At these simple words, a roar went up in the crowd. To be Chester’s playmate would be the most honorable of duties. Livvy could hardly believe what she had heard. Oh, how she wanted this duty as her own! She clenched her hands together and listened to the rest of the King’s message. “Finding Chester’s playmate will not be easy! If you can prove your ability to love Chester, you will be given the duty.”

That night, Livvy could hardly sleep. She thought of the King’s words and the contest that was to be held the next morning. She smiled as she thought of Chester. He had an under bite that would dismay most show dogs, as it caused his shiny pink tongue to stick out the side of his mouth. However, Livvy thought Chester’s under bite was exactly what made him so adorable. He was always well mannered and looked hopefully for a head pat or a hug whenever a group of children walked by. When he was lucky enough to get such attention, Chester would lean into his admirers and long to be their friend. Chester loved to be loved and Livvy knew she could love him.

Though Livvy heard these remarks, she had been taught be kind, even when others were not kind. Taking a deep breath, Livvy smiled and tried to be friendly. When the two kids still were not kind, Livvy looked for a way to pass the time. She hurried over to a nearby field and gathered the biggest bouquet of wildflowers she had ever seen. Livvy planned to give the flowers to Chester when her turn came.

Just as she had hoped, time passed quickly. Livvy’s chance at becoming Chester’s playmate was almost here! Only Stacy Sourface and Rocky Roughneck were in front of her.

Stacy’s dad worked for the king, so she already lived within the kingdom walls. Stacy was in the process of dressing Chester up in frilly dress-up clothes. When they didn’t fit right, Stacy stomped on Chester’s foot and pulled on the dress with all her might. “Poor Chester,” Livvy thought with concern.

Next, Rocky Roughneck ran up to Chester to take his turn. He threw a saddle on Chester and jumped on with a loud, “Giddy-up!” Rocky dug his heels into Chester’s sides and hung on tight when Chester jumped into the air with a yelp.

The King jumped up to intervene, “Stop at once! Apparently, I was mistaken to have hoped for a playmate for Chester. I withdraw my request. The contest is over!” The King threw his staff to the ground and got up to leave. Chester was crestfallen. Livvy, the last one in line, felt ready to cry.

Instead though, she had compassion for the King. The King didn’t want Chester to be mistreated and he longed for Chester to have a friend. Gathering her courage, Livvy bowed her head, stepped forward, and spoke loudly, “Dearest King, I would be so happy for one chance to prove my love to the most noble Chester!”

The King was about to object but suddenly stopped when Livvy raised her head and smiled. He saw kindness in her eyes! The king relented, “Okay, okay! You may have your chance but you will have to prove your worth!”

Livvy ran up to Chester and wrapped her arms around him. She rubbed his ears and sang to him and gave him her big bouquet of flowers. She even complimented his under bite. Chester perked up and leaned into his new friend.

The King burst into applause and hoisted Livvy onto his shoulders. “Here ye, here ye! I introduce to you, Chester’s playmate, Little Livvy Livenshire!” The whole kingdom cheered. Livvy was welcomed into the palace with a huge celebration. She enjoyed the live music, the huge platter of marshmallow sandwiches, and most importantly, playing with Chester.

The King was impressed by Livvy’s genuine love for Chester. He was also grateful for her kindness to Stacy and Rocky. Despite their snide remarks and jealousy, Livvy gave them an open-ended invitation to come play at the palace anytime they wanted. She showed Chester, the King, and the other children that love is patient and kind and not boastful at all.

The end.

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Sharon said...

You never cease to amaze me :-) You are so talented!!! and creative.
You also have a great ability to read a persons character... even at 1 years old you could see who Liv was!
I want to be on the waiting list for one of the first copies in print! :-)


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