Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hayley Mills Has Joined Our Family.

I REALLY thought we were "out of the woods" with Liv. She's responsible. She adores long hair. Her scissors are given to her only with permission. She is paranoid about ME cutting too much hair off of her. But, alas, today during her quiet time, she quietly cut her hair. Then she ran to me, sobbing, because she wanted it to grow back. An hour later, she still breaks out in sobs. And she even prayed that Jesus would make it grow back. She did crack a smile and giggle, though, when Holland cheerfully said, "I saw your hair in the garbage can, Wiv!"

Then she said, "Sharon's mom said, "Don't worry. It will grow back." (If you don't recognize that, it's taken from a scene in the original Parent Trap.)

Brian came home and congratulated Liv on a very nice haircut. And really, she did do a GREAT job. She looks as cute as a button or like Sharon (Hayley Mills) in Parent Trap. Here's her haircut, unedited, as she is not keen on scissors coming anywhere near her at the moment.

PS: Things must be looking up for her. She's dancing in the living room, singing: "Let's Get Together, Yah Yah Yah!" :o)


sam said...

Oh Liv...
With your hair long or short, you look super cute!!!!!
It will grow back sweetie!!!!!!
Love you!

k.a.swan said...

I would ALMOST let her cut my hair!!
Because I know it does grow back and then you get to do it again!
Very impressive.

Mom of Lil' Peanut said...

oh so funny! I think it must be a rite of passage for kids! I did this when I was young & also cut my brother's hair! Thank goodness Holland wasn't around! :)


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